Customer success & website development

As an intern at Revfluence, a tech startup that pairs social media influencer with brands for sponsorship, I developed an online tutorial series on how Revfluence's platform works on the brand side. The online tutorials ensure customer success by easily explaining to brands how to operate and best utilize the Revfluence platform to their advantage. 

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Social Media Case Analysis

As an intern for Revfluence, I wrote multiple campaign analysis' and recommendations for big brands to ensure customer success and satisfaction.  

target market project

An in-depth marketing research project where I personally conducted primary and secondary research on two brick and mortar shops that fell under the same industry. After research concluded, a third, hypothetical store was written up based off of the research and needs found in the research. 

Branding & Logos

Branding and logo design for a variety of clients. 


Graphic Design

Graphic material produced for a variety of clients.


We live in a beautiful world. I enjoy capturing it when I get the chance.