Influencer Marketing: A Wild West

I want you to answer a couple of questions for me; who is your target market? Who are the people that will most likely buy your product? Got it?  I want you to take that those answers, put them in a box, and ship them as far away from you as possible. In other words, forget about it. Influencer marketing is a completely new way of advertising; it’s a wild west. With that being said, a perfect influencer marketing strategy for your business is something that can only be found if you are willing to have an open mind. Think of the road to your perfect strategy like a funnel; start with a lots of variations in social media influencers, from fitness to fashion accounts. Make incremental changes to every campaign and capitalizing on what works best. A perfect influencer marketing strategy is not something that happens overnight, but if you are willing to work at it, it will happen. Below are 4 easy steps to fully optimize your social media strategy.

1. Let your creators be creative

Do not stifle your creators. As you begin Proposing Terms to creators for your social media campaign, be careful not to forget one thing, they are the creators. They are the one’s that have thousands to hundreds of thousands of followers on their account, not you. You reached out to those creator’s because they know what content to publish, when to publish it, and exactly how it should be done. With that being said, have guidelines, but do not give guidelines that are going to stifle their creativity. This is what they thrive off of! By letting your creators be creative you will also get a wide variety on what works and what doesn’t work for your campaign.

2. Reevaluate what worked best

Step two is pretty self explanatory. Once you have allowed your creators to be creative take an honest look at their work. See what posts received the most interactions (likes, comments, views, etc). Compile your top 10 or so posts looking at things such as the way the caption integrated your brand, the style of the content published, the general demographics of the creator’s following, and much more. Take all of this information and move on to step 3.

3. Optimize on best results

Once you have put together all of the information from step 3, adjust your next campaign accordingly. A few ideas on adjusting your campaign through Revfluence would be to seek out creator’s that are similar to the ones who received the best results, adjusting the wording of your campaign so creators capture the same type of photos that were in your top 10 list, and change the terms that you’re proposing to your creators.

4. Run another campaign

Take the information from steps 1 and  2, implement the changes from step 3, and run another campaign. The goal is that your 2nd campaign is stronger than your 1st and your 5th campaign is stronger than your 2nd.

Influencer marketing is not going away, which means through incremental changes of every campaign your brand can continuously be optimizing to achieve better results with each campaign.